Ver-5 to Ver 6 Elements Fix for Mac

Discussion in 'The Logo Creator' started by James Hamilton, Oct 29, 2012.

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    Ok, as many of you who have tried to get their prior elements to load in Version 6 following the instructions posted on this site have found it to be a ver aggravating process. I figured out how to make it work.

    1. Go to the hard drive (Double click) so window opens.
    2. Click (user Name) "home" (Should be a little red house icon.
    3. Click folder "Documents".
    4. Click folder "Laughing Bird Documents"
    5. Click Folder "Logo Elements"
    Leaving this screen open, reduce its size so we can open another window.
    1. Go to the hard drive (Double click) so window opens.
    2. Click Applications
    3. Click "Logo Creator Ver. 3,4, or 5"
    4. Click "Logo Libraries"
    Now you should have a list of all of your elements (Hollywood, corporate edition, orbs, swoosh, ect
    1. Click once to highlight element folder.
    2. Go to "Edit"
    3. Select "Copy"
    At this point select we want to copy this folder to the first window we opened which should be the "Logo Elements" folder which will show a list of elements ending in .db
    1. Go to "Edit"
    2. Select Paste
    Now open the file you just pasted. You will see many items in it. We want to select every item EXCEPT FOR THE "LOGO ARTWORK" file. Drag each item to the trash.
    Example: If you copied "Orbs" You should only have one file remaining "Logo Artwork" after you have dragged all of the files ending in .jpg or .tlc to the trash
    Now open the "Logo Artwork" file. Highlight or select all of its contents. Now drag these items out of the "Logo Artwork" file and place them in the "Orbs" file. Now drag the "Logo Artwork" file to the trash.
    Repeat this process for every element set you have. Once you have completed this process launch Logo Creator Version 6. When you look at your elements they should all be located in the same sub heading folders you used in previous versions.
    I don't typically offer information on forums so I hope this was communicated properly. I tried to make this easy to understand, but I'm just a god awful teacher.

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