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Discussion in 'Wish list for future releases' started by dreamcatcher, Jun 23, 2004.

  1. dreamcatcher


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    I would love the ability to export as an editible PDF file, .ai or .eps to open and work with in Illustrator. Also would like the ability within TLC to select PMS colors or specify the CMYK colors as opposed to exporting at CMYK.

    Ya'll have a great program here and adding these features would really make one helluva product!!

    We've been working on a logo for a couple of days and just reached a total blank and purchased your program and came up with some great ideas unfortunately we can't do too much with them other than somehow try and trace them within Illustrator to recreate causing double work.
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    There's a great program out there that might help you out.. it's called VectorEye. I think I found out about it here somewhere (too lazy at the moment to search for the original post).

    you can check it out on their website at :

    It allows you to convert a raster to vector. I've been using it for awhile now and love it!

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