v5 is crashing again...

Discussion in 'The Logo Creator' started by therepguy, Jun 28, 2007.

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    Ok I broke down, retired my old copy of v3/v4 and bought a new copy of TLC V5... and I'll be damed if V5 isn't doing the same thing!

    Also I did not combine the old version with the new one. I wanted a fresh start but it doesn't look like I got one.

    To date every time I try to edit text, i.e, replace the template's sample text for my company name (Text) the whole thing crashes!

    What an I doing wrong?

    Any and all help would be in order at this point - I don't have much hair left and I want to keep what I've got.

    Thanks in advance folks

    Rick therepguy
    I'm running a "QuickSilver" 733 MHz Power PC G4 with 1.5 GB of SDRAM memory with OS X (Tiger) 10.4.10.

    PS and this one is directed solely to management - I really starting to lose faith in your productS!
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    Hi Rick.
    Thanks for the post.

    Take a look at this FAQ posting. This was discovered by a friend of mine, Robert Pritchett, who runs the "Mac Companion" eZine.
    Logo Design | Logo Maker | Logo Design Software

    If this helps, post the results here.

    - Marc
  3. therepguy

    therepguy Guest

    I can not find a location that displays a keyboard setting such as "US Extended with Unicode"

    Got any ideas as to where this setting might be located?

    By the way thanks for getting back to me so fast.

    Also when I downloaded the software for your sit was there a place to entry a "unlocking code" - I didn't find any


  4. therepguy

    therepguy Guest


    I found the problem and the solution... and was able to proof it too...

    Note: I'm using OS X (TIGER) 10.4.10 on a "QuickSilver" 733 MHz Power PC G4 with 1.5 GB of SDRAM with TLC v5.1


    Start with the "System Preference" window...

    Open the "International" icon...

    Open the "Input Menu" and scroll down near the bottom of the window - you will see two US Flag icons...

    The first will read "US/Keyboard/Roman" and it should be checked...

    The second will read "US Extended/Keyboard/Unicode" and it should not be checked...

    For some reason on my "QuickSilver" it was also checked - which I guessing caused a "conflict" of some kind

    Make sure that only the first US Flag "US/Keyboard/Roman" is checked..

    End by closing the "System Preference" window...

    And your done...


    I'm happy to report that TLC v5.1 now works like it should and I've gotten past "text editing" and o my way...

    I send you a copy of my logo when I finished later this week end if all goes well..

    Thanks again for the help...

    By the way, I can't seem to download a manual - can you help me out?

    I using Safari 3 and your Web Site may not be Safari 3 friendly yet



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