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Discussion in 'The Flash Ad Creator' started by homesight, Nov 12, 2006.

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    Wow! I just read through a majority of the forums and didn't realize this "V2" product has been suggested from early in the year. I thought it was around the corner but it appears to have taken a wrong turn:question: As a business professional like many of the users here, V1.5 is simply not getting the job done, yet.

    Thus a suggestion, What about monthly upgrade product enhancements? This way people could still be buying V1.5 knowing that upgrades are timely and delivered in a manner to improve the program and put the users at ease.

    It seems to me the .fla file has been the big hold up. What about the text and font changing features. A lot of complaints are based on those concepts.

    Everyone strives to be perfect but having the fundamentals is key to most

    I'm not sure about most users but anytime I get a new program I'm always clicking that "new update" link that most of them have. It's always a pleasant surprise to see an upgrade being downloaded:banasplit

    Just an idea but I think an idea well worth considering. Could increase revenue! Which is always good :number:


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