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Discussion in 'Help wanted with my design' started by dory greer, Aug 2, 2006.

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  1. dory greer

    dory greer

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    I thought that I could import anything into this program. I created my own logo and thought that I could improve it with this program, is this possible.
    please help.
  2. Worlock

    Worlock Guest

    Hello and welcome, First off Yes this is very possible, there is 2 ways you can do this:
    1-If you go to the default directory where the program is installed, look for the folder called Logo Elements This is where all the graphics are stored by catagories, You can create a folder named of your choosing and add your own graphics into that folder ( example folder name: animals ) now you can put animal graphics into that folder, so the next time you start TLC you can now access that folder for those specific animal graphics from the pull down menu.

    2- You can Import graphic files over into the program by choosing "Import Image" from the file menu so you can build a logo from using the imported image now. But when you do it this way, The image isnt stored into the program for later use so if you want to use that image once more, you will have to import it once again using the same method. But also if you save your work as a template tlc file, you can go back and alter the logo over and over by selecting it from "My Templates" option. thus making the edits you want to achieve.
    Hope this helps.... Worlock
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