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Discussion in 'The Showcase/Presentation Creator' started by Olefogey, Mar 1, 2009.

  1. Olefogey

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    I seem to be having some issues.
    1st. If I want to create a page with graphics, etc. and use as a background on my website, how do I export and in what format would it be saved in?
    2nd. When I put text in an object, how does one make it conform to the shape of the object, so that text does not spill over object?
    3rd. To create a texture background to be used as a webpage. What is the process?

  2. KD-did

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    The SCC_Manual.pdf can be accessed on your hard drive where the The SCC is installed. or directly from

    Questions not covered can be directly ask of Flashorama the programmer by PM or here in the forum.
    By contacting the programmer you will help direct the programmer further develop TheSCC and perhaps improve the the manual

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