Useful UNZIPPING tool for Mac and PC

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    Short video on the left shows how to use Zipeg to open and unpack a multi-part password protected file.
    Zipeg Features:
    ✓ popular: .zip, .rar, .7z, .tar, .gz, .tgz, .bzip2, .iso, .cbr, .cbz formats;
    ✓ rare: .arj, .lha .lzh, .cpio, .rpm, .chm, .z, .war, .ear
    ✓ decrypts password protected .zip and .rar files (strong AES encryption).
    ✓ auto-magically combines and opens multipart .zip and .rar files.
    ✓ shows content of archive and allow you to select what to extract.
    ✓ groks filenames in national alphabets (both code pages and unicode).
    ✓ super fast "hover over" preview using EXIF thumbnails for photographs.
    ✓ ideal for opening multiple gmail attachments downloaded as zip file.
    ✓ useful for opening and browsing Facebook backup zip files.

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