Updated my 6.6 to 6.8- got trial version. Why? & Help!

Discussion in 'Updating' started by Kimzonline, Feb 19, 2015.

  1. Kimzonline


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    I bought several addons and noticed an upgrade that I had not done. so I upgraded my 6.6 to 6.8 per the url link on the forum http://thelogocreator.com/updates/get-6-point-8/
    but the upgrade is only for a trial version.

    I have had logo creator for a long time and just want to get busy using my addons NOT with a trial version. help please
  2. gcuneo2


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    Locate your Laughingbird Documents Library, inside that there will be some folders, look inside the Logo Libraries folder then find the logo templates folder, and tell me how many files there are.

    There is no known instance of this particular update affecting any Laughingbird stuff already installed.

    Your issue can happen for any number of reasons, but typically at one time you had downloaded and used the trial version.
    That particular update is rather small, about 34MB-- it only addresses some behind the scenes sort of stuff.

    YOU NEED TO FIND THE CORRECT ICON TO START THE PROGRAM WITH AS WELL-- it's easy to keep using the trial version.

    ON WINDOWS, BUT YOU WILL GET THE IDEA, but it's important you clearly understand this part..
    C:\Program Files (x86)\The Logo Creator v6.8 is where the EXE file (The Logo Creator v6.8.exe) is located that starts version 6.8.
    C:\program files (x86)\The Logo Creator v 6.8Trial is where the trial version gets installed.

    Both share the same common Laughingbird Documents folder.

    The trial version only comes with 14 templates. and stops working after 30 days.

    Sometimes with MAC users: They have the trial version installed, working, and after a couple of weeks they decide "WOW! THIS IS THE BEST THING SINCE SLICED BREAD"
    and purchase the full version. They install the full version, click on the same icon, and still see the trial version. They simply are may be using the wrong icon.

    During the install process of the full version, in this case the installer starts setting up the full version, and gets to the part where it sets up the Laughingbird Documents library. It sees stuff there and decides, "Well Sam, my job here is done" and does not install the other 186 premade templates.....

    Because of the problem with having previously installed the trial version, all the logos from the full version don't get installed.
  3. mbernard


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    I am having a major problem with the 6.8 version. I have from the beginning after the first 6.6 purchase.
    I stopped using it and continued with 6.6. Now today my 6.6 is gone and I only have 6.8 on my Mac Application.
    Saving to open, trying to open there are some bugs somewhere. It is not as smooth in any way as the 6.6. I'm sorry. It just is NOT!! I need help and I don't think the forum will be enough and I don't think I am the only one. Please advise
  4. gcuneo2


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    Yeah, you pretty much are the only one that has voiced such an observation. My job is to take care of your needs, so lets make it happen...

    I have reviewed your posts from March of last year and you appear to have the exact same concerns, is that about right?

    The rather small update from version 6.6 to version 6.8 fixed a few "behind the scenes" type issues, that's the only difference. It actually made version 6.8 a bit more responsive, not meaning it works faster, just that a couple of issues which cropped up in version 6.6 were eliminated.

    You appear to be rather frustrated, but in order to truly help you I need information:

    What MAC OS do you have? Be quite specific (OS X 10.10 for example)
    When was your purchase?
    Specific dates, not just "a couple of years ago".
    Do you have copies of your receipts? I need to verify your purchase info before I provide any direct download links, paypal receipts work fine.
    What do you mean "Saving to open, trying to open there are some bugs somewhere"? Please be specific as possible.
    Do you have your original downloads handy in case you need to reinstall your software? Over 90% of users do not back up their downloads.
    Have you also submitted a support request via our "Zendesk" support area? Why do I ask about that? If I find the same question posted by the same individual, I just start deleting them until just one is left. We prefer just "one path" of information flow when responding to issues.

    Now if I do need to provide direct download links that is only done through the official support channel: You can start the process by clicking on the Black questions tab on the left side of your screen.....


    Nice to read, but you can ignore this part if you want to..
    What could affect program performance? Any number of addons / "Save my computer" apps / moving files around your computer--- please note that non of those are Logo Creator Related issues, the are user related issues.

    Quite often users will say "My stuff stopped working" fix it, well alright then, lets take at look at your issue:

    We then do a lot of "back and forth" with the user / customer trying to figure out how their computer is configured, and how to unmuck what they mucked up to begin with.

    I have to make some quick judgement calls as to the users knowledge level of computers: I respond differently to an expert user than I do with someone who "needs some guidance with the basics" ......

    What OS do you have? "Oh I have a MAC", great! What OS do you have? "Whats an OS"? We then explain to them about the different OS versions on a MAC for example: The software requires MAC OS X 10.7 or greater to work. Have you moved your Laughingbird Documents folder around? "What's a document folder?" We then spend more back and forth time explaining some pretty basic stuff to the end user.... or The customer just tells us "I've got OS X 10.10.2 Yosemite 2GB of ram, my original purchases are backed up on the cloud and I'm running parallel desktops with win 8.1.....

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