1. New Software Notice alert!

    The new Web Graphics Creator (version 4.0) will be out soon.

    For now, version 3.0 is still active and works great on most Windows machines. It no longer runs on Macs using Lion or greater... (but the new version will fix this)

    So hang in there! It's almost done!


Discussion in 'The Web Graphics Creator Updates' started by SharpDataInc, Oct 29, 2009.

  1. SharpDataInc


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    Our hands are tied with the WGC software and multiple swfs. There have been a bunch of emails about laughingbird having a new update for this and did a rebuild from the ground up. Clients want more than 1 eCover on their sites. There is a lot of quirkiness with pieces of the software that I hope you have hammered out. It seems like you have a beta of this and asked for us to help test it, but I haven't even heard a peep from you yet. I see there are others waiting too. Three years is a long time between updates, especially with the amount of bugs in WGC.

    I have a business to run, just like you and the last thing you want to do is over promise and under deliver. Thats what is happening with WGC, from looking at some year old posts.

    Marc, let us know of a release date for the new/better WGC that you have been talking about. I really don't want to resort to looking elsewhere, and trust me, we want to help you with beta testing and make this software better. This is not a threat to leave its a promise, because again, we have a business to run.

    Hope you read and respond to this.

  2. Wicked


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    The development for this has hours of work being slammed in for it. I would suggest patience but I understand the urgency of needing particular capability sooner. In some instances in the past I and a few others have beta tested pre release software but this typically if its a new software rather than an update. The updated software will be tested for functionality but this process will be much shorter than a new software beta test. The reason I mention this is that it should shorten up the process of receiving the updated product faster. Unfortunately I am unable to offer a release date to ease your mind because I am only a volunteer here on the forum. It could be tomorrow or a couple weeks still yet I am unsure. I hope the update will suite your needs and you remain happy with your association with its use.

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