Unlock key trouble with new Alphabet ed.

Discussion in 'The Logo Creator' started by OldIdiot, May 27, 2008.

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    Just purchased the Alphabet edition online, downloaded. Unlock key -- four alphanumeric characters, space, four more alphanumerics -- provided on invoice and on confirming email.

    Installed the setup file; all appears correct; when I launch the program it offers me a choice of skip key, "I have an unlock key", or buy a key. I choose "I have . . ." Get a window mostly blank with a dash below and off-center. After multiple clicking, find that the dash appears to separate two input fields. I input the two halves of my key in the two fields (yes, using all caps), click on "Submit" . . . nothing. Put all eight characters in one field . . . nothing. All eight in the other field . . . nothing.

    Now, I don't even get the option to enter a key when I start the program.

    The entry window is an example of really bad design: there should be no ambiguity about where to enter the key and in what format.

    Strike one.

    The failure to respond to the key in all rational entry formats is an example of really bad programming.

    Strike two.

    Get my drift?
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    You should only need to insert the 2 halves of the key MINUS the dash on your first installation of a purchased TLC edition after that when you answer "yes" to the question of having a previous edition on board you shouldn't need a key and each edition you have purchased should appear in the "Select a Logo Set" menu.

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