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Discussion in 'The Logo Creator Gallery' started by BassDaddy, May 20, 2004.

  1. BassDaddy


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    Here is couple of logos I've been playing with for my own site. The second one seems to be leading the pack as it's eye catching and looks just as good in grey scale for print ads that aren't full color. A good logo must be able to work in many different media so that you can use it throughout a business - ie. yellow pages ad, letterhead, coffee cups, etc.
  2. jamirae


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    they are both pretty good.

    the first one doesnt have your URL on it and I would move the animation over just a tad to see more of the "T" behind.

    the second one is good. has your URL (assming that it is, phone number and tells what your site is all about. It certainly grabs your attention. :)

    keep it up! good work!

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