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    Well this is my version of a glass orb produced in TLC. I don't do screen shots like Shelly so I hope you can understand this:
    #1= modify, insert text element, change to the letter c then go to the TLC fonts on the bottom and click on shapes to create a circle.
    #2 go to colors and gradient. Below set START color at white then on the right set END color on whatever color you desire.(I chose a primary color for the deeper opacity) Above there are 5 cycle boxes, press #3 then above that press the box that says radial.
    #3 - Create an oval the same way you created your circle only this time using the letter o.
    #4 - Set your oval color to white
    #5 - make oval desired size to fit inside of circle to the top. (Refer to D,Rats sample to see where his oval is placed.
    #6 - Blur and fade oval to desired amount (You may want to play around with the controls until you see that it looks "right" to you.
    #7 - make another smaller white orb for the number to go on if you wish to make a pool ball (ignore this if you are just making a glass orb)
    #8 - THIS IS FOR IF YOU HAVE VERSION #4 Click on the main globe or circle that you gave the color to then go to special effects and press on "glow" This will give you a nice outer glow that you can change the color of the glow if you go to shadows and change the color there and adjust the shadow opacity there as well.
    #10 - IF YOU ARE MAKING A CUE BALL This is the time for putting a number on your "cue ball"
    THE MOST IMPORTANT LESSON: Look at the object you have created and know that TLC is only limited by your imagination and be proud of what you do even if you didn't get it quite right on your first attempt :attention

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    Very nice.. Now if I can figure out how to have the glass type of effect on text with TLC..

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