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    One thing Im experiencing difficulty is using the transparenty options in TLC5
    I have the TLC5 Mega Pak

    When I use the option "transparent png" It doesnt come out as being transparent at all. Especially when using a white background
    the transparent gif option does make it transparent more so than the png option but it leaves the edges dirty, Is there a program out there that can do transparence better? just a note
    I did purchase Xara Xtreme because Mac27 used it and I was impressed by his abilities that he has shown, So Im still learning that one. But Im somewhat lazy when it comes to reading and reading and reading...well u get the idea! care to indulge me on making logos transparent, I sure could use this feature. TIA !
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    I have seen dirty edges on clipart imports and because of reminates left from other programs used for resizing or converting files....I think if you use a graphic/image editor to prep before logo construction will will have better results on your exports.
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    Actually I figured something out that seems to work pretty good, But I thank you for the reply.

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