Transparent Png with text colored with image & Ungrouping problems

Discussion in 'The Logo Creator' started by mr white, Aug 21, 2009.

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    I'm having a few problems.
    1) I grouped image components and saved the file. I reopening the file, used a marque to encompass the image, and pressed does Not Ungroup = does not allow me to move the components around. What do I do?
    2) I choose an image as the color of the text and it appeared fine, but when I export a transparent .png the image that was inside the words is now filling up a large amount of entire image (looks like a layer). How do I fix this?
    3) When I export to transparent .gif file I still get a white background.
    4) I want a transparent = No color this possible?:image25:
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    Hello Mr. White.
    Welcome to the forum...

    First off, the transparent PNG effect.
    I assume you want an effect like this: (see the "TR-Textures Rock" logo)

    You can't (as of now) create a PNG with this texture-in-text effect. The output is just as you describe unfortunatly.

    You can do this with the transparent .gif option however. Just make sure that you use a logo background color the same as the background you'll be using the image on. Blue for example. Then, make this blue the transparent color.

    Hope that makes sense.

    As for your grouping/ungrouping - yes. First drag a marquee over the grouped objects - then choose Ungroup from the MODIFY menu.

    the last step is to click OFF your grouped images. Click anywhere on a blank area of the canvas. This will do the trick.

    Let me know if this helps Mr. White!

  3. KD-did


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    What you may find beneficial to accomplish a transparent .png file is not to try doing everything at one time when you want to use an "insert image" in your text. IMHO it is better to have multiple exported files than 1 TLC editable file. Start by writing your text as each text insert image effect separately... exporting as a .png or .Tgif and then importing and (removing white background on .png) on the image file and assemble each of the exported files onto a clean new canvas.While you wont be able to change the text 100% in the normal way within TLC you will be able to edit it the same as any image file. The benefit is that when you want your text to be rotatable as in your main text you won't have to make as many adjustments to the text (text angle and character angle) to make it look right... as an image you'll get smoother results with "Object Attribute" use image angle to rotate your text. With using the imported files you can have a transparent background and cut down on the total number of layers to accomplish your desired .tlc file.

    Smal1 attachment is from another thread seen
    Along with using the technique ... I used TLC's duplicate feature on the text and coloring each layer to give addition depth . I used the same image for my text and as an image and I used the masking technique for making a round from a square as discussed in this thread:

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