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Discussion in 'The Flash Ad Creator' started by chuck9997, Feb 26, 2006.

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    Hi... I had some intitial problems and concerns with LOGO CREATOR.. but now I love it.. it has been the best money I have spent in awhile..and I have been able to use it to create a bunch of the stuff at

    I was going to purchase the FLASH AD software today.. but then the first thread I read here was the "dissapointed" thread.. now I may hold off.

    Are there any people offering success stories about FLASH AD. Why should I buy?? or should I wait and look for something else?

  2. LogoManiac


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    IMHO...I think FAC has great potential. It's still a rather young program though and there are issues that are currently being addressed. A lot depends on the user and thier needs. FAC is not the answer-to-all-your-Flash-needs type of program. It's a niche product, at least at this stage of it's development. Who knows what the future might hold for it.

    If you're not sure about FAC, I would hold off until v2 gets released or possibly a demo gets released. v2 will be addressing a good number of the concerns that have been brought forward here in the forums. Unfortunately no ETA is available at this time. Marc has been cast back into the developer's dungeon though. :getting n <-----Marc :D
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    Chuck, being the forums are here to help users it is real easy for there to be more negatives than positives posted.Hopefully your post will bring more positives to light....that is assuming the happy users will be visiting...
    There isn't a forum to show off like there is with TLC.

    Did you happen to see what Marc has been working on for the new update?It will be more versatile.

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