TLC Issues and Why I Won't Buy This Program

Discussion in 'Raves and Rants' started by Eagle1966, Sep 4, 2008.

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    So I decided to get the trial download and play with it, and granted you can make some cool Logos, as can be seen by a lot of the cool work I have seen in these forums. However, there are too many frustrations I have encountered.

    1) Printing/exporting. Every logo I have tried to export, even those I've downloaded from the forums are very blurry. Yes they look nice on the screen (if not compared to other jpgs, etc.), but once you add them to any file (word, etc.) you'll see they are VERY blurry, and very unprofessional. Yes I have tried the various things people have said to do; make a tif, export as a pdf, etc. but to no avail.

    2) Outlines. Everytime I try to put a outline around words it works, but ones I click on "done" it goes from the color I want back to white. And I can't seem to keep this from happening.

    3) Object Outlines. Why isn't there a simple way to do an outline for an object? It's very frustrating.

    4) Group resize. After getting everything just the way I want it, I increased the canvas size, but there is no way to resize my image without doing each part individually, and then hopefully getting it to look the same again.

    Anyway, that's the main things that are bothering me. Mostly the export blurry aspect. I want things to look professional, not blurry and like a cheap copy of something.
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    Eagle1966, sorry TLC is not working out for you...

    Have you:

    1) Set the DPI for Printing/exporting to 150 or 300? Printing at 72dpi will not come out the way you want and any logo should never be printed at 72 as it will show up blurry or "pixelated". 150dpi and 300dpi is standard for print. If you have tried this, I apologize and a PM to Marc should remedy the issue.

    2) Not really sure why this is not working for you. I used an already used word as well as typing in a new word and created a different color outline for each. I changed the background using every possible color scheme so the outline would pop and once 'done' was clicked my color stayed.
    Can you tell us the colors you are wanting to use (background and outline) so we can test this?

    3) Object Outlines: This is a feature that needs to be worked on in future releases. However, maybe a TLC user has already thought of a way around this issue. TLC is not an image editor like Photoshop or Corel or any other image editing software. But again, this feature could surface in future releases.... or until Marc gets a staff of 500 people or more :image17-1:

    4) Other users will have different procedures for a 'group resize' but one way to help you out (albeit an extra step or two) is to > make your logo at whatever size you wish > export it (jpg, tif png etc) > then re-import it > re-size your canvas and resize the "Saved png" image to your liking. Then simply place the objects to match the imported png (deleting the imported png of course when done).

    Again, some of these issues could be fixed in future releases however, in the meantime there are ways around these problems.

    Most software have their "i wish it would do this..." or "why can't it do this..." but that is why this forum is a great place for topics like these so as to let Marc know what to install or fix in future releases or have users throw in their own unique problem solving.

    Hope this helps and good luck with your project.
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    I am stumped to why you are having printing issues. If there is an issue with printing for users it has gone unreported. Most logos shown in the forum are 72DPI which is not the ideal for printing.
    2) A little trick for setting your color choice is to hit Enter/Return before clicking on done.
    3) A little trick for outlining is to duplicate the image, color it to your outline color choice and enlarge it slightly and place it directly under the object that you duplicated .
    As for changing the entire logo and canvas at one time simple go to Export>>>more choices and drag the right hand corner to the size you want, choose a file format , then finish the export process.

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