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    :announ: Ever feel like you can't get enough of TLC? Marc has long since dreamed of a newsletter and Flotsom (Layne) has helped Marc realize that dream.Read the first edition of the newsletter. Taking Layne longer than he expected, and morphing into much more than he had planned.
    What started out as the TLC Newsletter blossomed into more becoming The Wizard's Eye, which will focus on TLC and much more." but the first edition is finally out. In the process of finding a site to launch it from, he decided to go a step further and realize a dream that he and his wife had almost given up on ... The Wizard's Eye. Easier for you to check it out than for me to describe it. You can go here ...

    You'll find the buttons to access all that is there below the "welcome" ... it has become a whole entity of it's own, and will offer areas of discussion on Adobe Photoshop, & Macromedia Fireworks in addition to the Newsletter. Next edition hopes to feature Marc Sylvester, Laughingbird's creator as the feature article. Check it out!
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    Thanks for the plug KD ... I posted in Resources as well ... but perhaps a little extra coverage is permissible in this case. :D I am all excited!

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