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Discussion in 'Web Graphics Creator Gallery' started by Jack Zavada, Jan 20, 2007.

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    WGC was my first experience with any type of ecover software. Over the past month and a half, I've experimented with it and have been able to produce some decent results. I feel that more practice will help.

    Here are some trial-and-error tips I can pass on:

    • If you're having trouble, write down what you do as you go along. That way you can experiment with changing things until you hit on steps that work.
    • Experiment with all three renderers. For some reason, some work better on some projects than others.
    • Read as much as you can on these forums, then go back and read through the forum for the old eCover Creator. I learned a lot there.
    • I found template dimensions for the various models here:

    • To achieve these dimensions in Art Center, push your mouse against the side of the box (where you're creating your cover image) until the numbers at the top match those in the dimensions above.
    • In the eCover Creator module, hover your cursor over the various tools on the bottom and upper left of the screen, then read the info in the yellow boxes. It will tell you what each tool does and which key to hold down while you're moving your model around.
    • When you have a finished product you like in eCover Creator, push your mouse from the sides and bottom to reduce its size, instead of cropping it in another graphics program. Too much handling of an image could degrade it.
    • Keep experimenting, and don't be afraid to ask questions on the Forum. Marc and the other folks at Laughingbird are very helpful.
    Two examples of my work are attached. They're a bit ragged, but I think I'll get better as I work with WGC more.

    Don't give up! If I can do this, so can you!

    Jack Zavada

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    Great post Zack!
    I've made this a 'sticky' (stays at the top of all posts) for everybody to see.

    Thanks for posting it.
    (you're site with the eCover images is looking great!)

    - Marc
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    thanks :)

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