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    All the discussions about fonts caused me to download The Font Thing-a shareware tool for managing fonts. I was particularly looking for a too that would show me the characters available in a typeface, dingbats particularly.

    I discovered a great feature about this free tool that should be very helpful to Laughingbird software users.

    This software has the ability to filter all the fonts on your system by type:
    serif, sans serif, monospace, Script, Pictorial (dingbats!) , etc. This is a great feature when you want to compare fonts using the "quick brown fox" text. You have the option of adjusting the size of the fonts too.

    While poking around, I discovered that you can type in custom text and see the fonts displayed using your slogan, tagline or the name to appear on your logo. This utility allows the designer to enter the tagline, select the type of font you are thinking of using, select the approximate size and see your entry repeated over and over again in the various fonts that meet your criteria, one after the other. This should prevent the "hit or miss" of font selection, save time in font selection and perhaps even cause you to use frequently overlooked fonts.

    One limitation: This will not display the fonts in TLC. (I thought it would help me get a grip on the exact map of the Shapes font)

    Hope this is useful to someone...


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