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    The following is a Kim Komando Tip of the Day ... I take her free emails, all good, and I am reprinting this one here, complete with links to sign up for her email (part of the arrangement for reprinting her email). Since it's a freebie, I don't think any "advertising" lines are being crossed. Anyway, worth looking at if, like the person who asked her the question, you are thinking about being a freelancer.
    Finding work as a freelancer

    Q. I've decided to quit my job and freelance. My area of expertise is graphic design and 3-D animation. Are there places I can go online to find freelance jobs?

    A. Congratulations! Nothing beats being your own boss. Although I have to tell you that I worked far fewer hours when I was working for someone else. But it is cool!

    Fortunately, opportunities abound on the Internet for freelancers. You just need to know where to look. And you must make sure that these are legitimate opportunities.

    You'll probably find most of your work on specialty freelance job boards. There are a number of sites for creative professionals. Some are better – and more expensive – than others.

    Media Bistro is one of the most popular resources for creative professionals. It features helpful articles to get you started. Also, a calendar of events lists networking opportunities. For more specific questions, you can post to the forums.

    Of course, Media Bistro's main draw is the job board. Browsing and applying for jobs is free. However, you must register first.

    You can also post your résumé and portfolio. This helps employers find you. You must pay $19 per month to do this.

    Guru is dedicated to freelance work. You can get started with a limited free membership. You can upload a résumé and samples of your work. Then you can start bidding on freelance projects. The site takes 10 percent of your earnings.

    If you upgrade to a paid membership at $30 per quarter, you get additional benefits. Enhancements make it easier for you to find projects.

    Also, the site's take of your profits is reduced to five percent. You're guaranteed two projects per quarter, or your membership is extended.

    As its name suggests, Allfreelancework specializes in freelance work. After registering, you can search jobs and upload a small portfolio for free. For $50 annually, you get a larger portfolio, among other features.

    These are three excellent places to begin finding work. You'll find countless others through the major Web search sites. eLance is another one you might want to check out.

    Here's some more advice. Sites that have their own payment and feedback systems are a good bet. The feedback you receive will help you establish your reputation. And the payment system helps you track your earnings.

    If you're unsure about a potential client, search the Web. The Internet is full of warnings for freelancers. Freelancers will give honest feedback on scams and cheats.

    Also, don't neglect the large job boards. You can sometimes find contract work on Careerbuilder , Monster and Yahoo!'s HotJobs .

    You may not find a lot of opportunities on regular job boards. But when you start freelancing, leave no stone unturned.

    Don't forget to look for professional associations that feature job boards. They may also list networking events on their sites.

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    Hope this helps. I'll see you tomorrow with another answer to questions sent to me by people like you!
    Kim :)

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