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    Hey Creatorpreneurs!

    We’ve created a club to give you the graphics you need for a huge discount! Some of you have been with us for 5, 10 or even 15 years… so we wanted to give you all some serious value and to thank all of Laughingbird’s customers for hanging out with us.

    If you can't imagine ever needing more than one set of graphics templates to create everything you need for your website, blog, email and ads, then this club probably isn't for you.

    However, this club IS for you if:

    You are an entrepreneur, graphic design lover, or online marketer in need of a variety of designer templates to make your life easier. You may need graphics to brand your business or sell your goods or services... or perhaps you want to provide graphic design for your own customers.

    How It Works:

    Once you join, you’ll receive 37 credits toward a product of your choice in our credit store, most requiring only 27 credits to purchase. Then, every month as long as you’re a member, you’ll be billed $27 for an additional 37 credits (via Paypal or credit card).

    HUGE BENEFITS: You’ll get a discounted product EVERY month. And, since most products will only cost you $27 as a member, you’ll have 10 free credits leftover each month! In just 3 months, you’ll have enough credits for a FREE product of your choice… all extra credits continue to accumulate as long as you’re a member!

    AND, we’ll be putting new software in the graphics club every month, so there’ll be a ton of great stuff to choose from!

    Check out the other Creatorpreneurs Club threads to get more info. Enjoy!

    Best Regards,
    Marc and Lisa
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