The Creator 7 problems with template saving and retrieving

Discussion in 'The Creator V 7 Bug Reports' started by rob1more, May 2, 2016.

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    Mark I have been a customer for years still running V5.3 & 6.8 until I upgraded to Ver 7
    When I pull up "My Templates" and click on an existing logo I do not get what is displayed in selections,
    it is like pulling up at ramdom logos.
    Running windows 10 for months and TLC V6.8 working fine.
    I am not able to save logo construction in stages as i go along.
    Fact is I hit enter by mistake here and page would not go “back” had to start over.
    I have uninstlled and reinstalled V7 & V6.8 twice and now 6.8 no longer works correctly. It will not bring up :My Templates, it wants me to
    select a new location to store my new templates
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    Hey Rob1more,

    I cannot stress enough the need to backup your work! Make it a habit.

    That said, I have used TLC and TC for years. No problems with anything vanishing unless it's something I did. No problems, since I have backups!

    Your problem with 'random' templates coming up is a known issue. Still not sure what is causing it. For me, it was fine till I had 99 logos or more. Then when I selected a logo, it would load the logo just before the one I wanted. I simply started selecting the one after the one I wanted. Yup. It's confusing.

    In both v6.8x and TC7, you do not have to 'save' your work periodically. In v6.8x there is an auto-save at work. After you open a logo, any changes are saved right away so you lose nothing. You can 'Save a version' if you want to see the same logo with slight variations. Handy for showing a client several options. In TC7 the auto-save does not work until you name the logo. What I do, and suggest, is that as soon as you start a new logo, or load a template, close it! This will prompt you to give it a name. Then when you re-open it, the auto save will be working just as it did in v6.8x

    I know some users have multiple versions installed. I do too. But I don't use them. Once TC7 is installed, delete the startup icon for v6.8x and just use TC7. TC7 was just an 'update' to v6.8x DO NOT uninstall v6.8x! The files, templates and graphics are needed by TC7.

    Another thought. If you 'Save a version', do not save it to your 'My Templates' folder. Pick somewhere else. That way, there is no chance of a conflict with names that might mess up your folder.

    Bottom line, make a backup of your 'My Documents' folder. Back it up to the cloud, to a thumb drive, or an external hard drive. I recently bought a 1TB external that plugs into a usb port. No external power needed. Only $58 at Walmart. Once you have that backup, make another! Then make sure you update those backups every time you think about it. Most you can lose is 1 days work!

    Hope some of this makes sense. Let me know if you have any questions.
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