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    Marc and all the guys at Laughing Bird,
    I originally bought TLC a few months ago as I saw it as an opportunity to put my own ideas into existence for a logo for my new business. Took a while to get use to and the kids ended up having more fun than I was. I then bought the Corporate Identity Creator, which seems to make the business papers with ease, however the templates are limited and it would be great if you could change colours etc with them. Anyhow bought the Sports and Spiritual packs a few weeks ago and it wasn't what I expected. But Marc, you response and service to my issues was great and the corporate edition has been terrific. So much so I thought I couldn't go wrong getting a few other things when you sent the special out last wekk. So I ended up purchasing the Entertainment Pack, Real Estate Pack (and I'm not even in Real Estate), The flash Ad Pack and the Web creator Pack. Hell I don't really even know what they are for but am sure that the kids and I will have fun playing with them and finding out new ways to use your software. And hopefuly be able to put it to use on my business website when I get use to your products.

    Thanks again for such great software and service. The guys in the forums have also been very helpful with ideas and other site to get fonts and things from.

    Keep up the good work guys. It's very appreciated.

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    Appreciate the feedback...You know we will help in any way we can with ideas you may need...thats the free part of the service :)....Just let us know what we can do..and well...we'll do it :D
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    Welcome Peter and Thanks for all of the kind words. This forum is a great resource for the LB products and when used correctly can yield a wealth of information.

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