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    I've been gone for quite some time aspiring to accomplish my own projects and my own online establishment. While I've been gone I've never forgot Laughingbird, the products, or people I grew to enjoy on the daily basis. This is partially because The Logo Creator has been constantly in use on my computer. Every time I face a challenge it seems like The Logo Creator has been right there to save the day!

    I have attached some images below. They may not appeal to everyone's design aesthetic but TLC has helped me turn graphics into an image, into marketing, and into a product.

    Graphic #1
    - This image was seen on TV broadcasting local business services. Everything except the logo image was made in either TLC or the Business Card Creator. It was ment for virtual TV business card viewing. It was one of the best looking card in rotation on the network if not the best compared to a bunch of bland cards with black ink and a picture of themselves.


    Image #2
    - This image is a measured label for our first product possibly hitting store shelves near the end of 2014 if testing goes well. Again, TLC saves the day.

    Image #3
    - Lets see how the above label transferred over into a real life object of something you can hold. This was an earlier label before the it was refined.

    bottle lineup.jpg bottle2.jpg

    Image #4
    - I needed something so people knew what my site offered soon as they landed on the page. How could I do that without a ugly description box? TLC saves the day again with this informative banner.


    Image #5
    - Lets take another TLC/BCC project and turn it into something again that you can hold. Here is a logo for another site that I am a partner in. Very simple and made 100% Logo Creator.


    Image #6
    - Now lets take that logo combined with the Business Card Creator and market this image


    Image #7
    - Lets take it a step further and take a TLC creation and wear it around. TLC can even help keep you warm! Ok not really but you get the idea.


    There are more projects and examples but I will stop here. Buy The Logo Creator, buy some add on packs, and turn your visions into something. I get closer and closer to realizing my visions everyday with my online presence using The Logo Creator and other Laughingbird products.

    A pretty smart guy once told me "If you want to be successful online, create something about what you know well and have a passion for".
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    Love seeing Laughingbird stuff out "in the wild"!
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    Very nice looking graphics! Well done!! Good luck with your business too! :cowboy1:
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    Thanks guys.

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