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Discussion in 'The Flash Ad Creator' started by vegasmichael, May 20, 2006.

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    I am writing this to inform readers of this forum and the laughingbird software people that your support sucks.

    I posted a message about the program not working correctly and the only response I've received was a copy of posts I've seen posted for other support related issues, and this response is basically that there will be another release of this product soon!

    I have also written the person that says he wrote the software with no response.

    I expect if I pay $40.00 for a program that it will at least create the ads it says it can create and will show the images in that ad through all loops of the ad.

    Since I am not receiving any help from you the writers and owners of the software I have had no choice but to do the following.

    I bought this software at the national office supply chain "Office Max" I have already called their corporate headquarters and spoken with their buyers office. I informed them of my problem and the problems of others on this board and needless to say after they reviewed my findings they have agreed to refund my money, which is usually not an option with software sales. And they have informed me that they will be looking to discontinue the sales of this product.

    You should not sell product that does not work and you should support your product.

    Don't buy this software or do what I did and inform the sellers of this product to check into this software and these forums.

    Now who's "laughing" at laughingbird software!

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