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    I have the v3 edition and downloaded an update to receive the v4 edition. When I transfered the templates over to the new edition some of the templates were changed in the process. One of the templates had a different font type. I created a logo using that template in v3 before I downloaded the update and saved it for future use. Whe I open that logo in v4 the font is different than the original font I used. It now displays the new font type. But if I open it using v3 the logo is as I orginally designed it.

    Another template in v4 displays the font as very blurry but the the font in v3 is not.

    Is there a way to correct this problem?
    Please help if you can - Thanks.

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    There were some fonts that license rules had changed and had to be omitted in the 4.1 update. If it is a have to have font try a large font site like dafont.com and download them and install to your computer's OS.

    It would be nice to know what template you are talking about with regards to blurriness.....it may just an text effect that is different...

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