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Template format

Discussion in 'The eCover Creator' started by rocksoft, Aug 24, 2005.

  1. rocksoft


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    Template #1 - Software Box 1
    Front & Back: 352 x 450
    Sides: 150 x 480
    Top & Bottom: 370 x 150

    I do not understand the format, becouse is side 480 and not 450 and top 370 and not 352?

    is there a logical answer?

    thanks you
  2. Jeri


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    eGreetings Robert,

    Sorry you are having problems with my dimensions.

    The dimensions given here:
    These are the dimensions (width by height) that I use in a graphic designer such as PhotoImpact or Paint Shop Pro to create the Fronts, Backs, Tops and Bottoms. I then save them as .pngs.

    I then "Import" the created designs into ECC by using the Photo Realistic Module. By using the white button bar on the left of the screen.

    These dimensions are just experiments that I have found work for me. You might have to make some minor alterations.

    Best Wishes,

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