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Discussion in 'Logo Designs' started by OldenGray, Mar 5, 2008.

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    Dear Forum Members:
    While I can certainly appreciate all the hard work that goes into many of the designs displayed on this forum, I only wish the designers would share with us their techniques. Are all the logos done with LB software? If not, which other programs were used in their creation? I would especially like more solid information rather than simply displaying logos; which is nice, but "newbies" (especially) would like to see some "nuts-and-bolts" instruction on how to create such masterpieces. Also, I note that a lot of hard-to-find clip art has been used and I was wondering if the designers would also share with us their sources? To my way of thinking, it's just not enough to show me your work, I would also enjoy hearing the full story about how you used LB software and developed your design. I hope you will honor us with full disclosure when you create a truly earth-shaking logo. Thanks a lot for everything you do to make the forum an enjoyable place to keep abreast of design trends.:image28:
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    Hmm... sounds like another request for video tutorials in sheeps clothing... we are reviewing the concept and implementation... too many projects on my plate at the moment...but it's on the horizon...

    As for releasing sources, the only concern I could see is for those who charge for their creative implementation & revision of clip art, and other design pieces they modify; I'd think revealing the sources could jeopardize their perceived value and therefore their earning potential... But I still agree that some instruction would be nice to have for those who would need it...

    Good call :)

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    TLC is the first venture into the world of graphics for many of its users and I think it would be nice to share how to's and work a rounds using TLC. Not everyone will want or need to know all that it has taken to develop advanced graphic skills but do want to know how to get the best results using TLC.
  4. Mr Laughingbird

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    Good post Olden.

    I think this would be a great section for the new forum.

    We can set up a forum topic entitled "How I did it" ... something like that. I think its a great idea.

    What really makes a logo or any graphic stand out - in the end - is the creativity involved. It would be nice to know what tools of the trade were used to help that creative spark grow into a design.

    Homesite, I agree - video tutorials to the rescue!
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    i think that we should show the functionality of the Laughingbird Software and the cross platform sharing that can be used with adobe,coral,real draw,etc
    this will enable the people using the forum to achieve greater use of the software and produce more graphical content in there logo`s
    the benefit of this would be a greater bank of images in our arsenal and we could all start to share our knowledge with the new peeps joining the forum

    i feel this would help them in making and the use of Laughingbird products to the inexperienced users

    which must be better for us all ,we see so many people joining the forum and they believe that over night they can make logos

    well we all know that this a great big learning curve,i think by doing this we can take away some of the learning curve that they will have to go through and they will stay around a lot longer with us here!!!!!!!

    we often see new guys and girls struggling to do stuff with various tutorials we can help them a lot more

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