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    Once i've designed a logo what would be the best format if I wanted to put the logo on to a t-shirt and what t-shirt company would you suggest?
    Is the software ever going to be able to do vector designs?

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    From my understanding from some of our members they suggest staying away from Cafepress as they have changed their commission structure... to their benefit.Rather than an online source for shirts you maybe able to work a deal with someone local to buy shirts. Most shirt manufactures price by volume of shirts purchased and by working with someone local you would both be getting a volume discount. A large enough order also often means no shipping charges.... which would be a definite benefit to you both.You can either work with the local guy and have him do the actual printing or you can print them yourself. Either way you both stand to benefit.

    Converting to vector format and is ALWAYS the best... especially if you want to have the shirts look the best. Remember there is a big difference between adult sizes and children sizes.
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    I do know you can check out Vistaprint's Document Specs, Pricing & Design Templates here: http://www.vistaprint.com/customer-care/artwork-specifications.aspx?pfid=372&pf_id=372#Products

    I have always found all their templates very useful for bringing into Photoshop & Illustrator for design work.

    You may upload your design on their site for printing, or take it somewhere else. Your choice. But keep the blank template handy on your puter for future design works; biz cards, t-shirts, etc.

    Please also note to try and make your logos and designs in CMYK if you plan to have it printed. For a brief description why go here: http://www.vistaprint.com/vp/ns/pro...plates_CMYKVsRGB&pf_id=372&pfid=372#CMYKVsRGB

    To anwser your question on the best format, yes any vector format is the best but a high resolution raster format of 300 dpi will do in most cases too. (but also remember a rasterized image like jpegs & gifs are RGB, see above link for details).

    Hope that helps.


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