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Discussion in 'Tutorials' started by Kurt Geer, Oct 23, 2004.

  1. Kurt Geer

    Kurt Geer

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    First off I love this program ;)

    Well actually 2 Stupid Questions

    1. What does (Set to my CMYK Mean) ?

    2. I have notice in playing with some of the logos
    that there are certain objects that are only available
    in that logo. IE the green MyCo in the bonus logos
    has a shadow under the orb on the right.
    I have also noticed a few more and I know they fall under
    the fonts.
    Is there any way to make these available without opening the
    logo where it is located?
    Are these tips located on the boards anywhere?

  2. LogoManiac


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    The shadow you are referring to is actually an element within that logo. Unfortunately it is'nt available as a serperate element in the Bonus Logo set that can be accessed from the element drop down selector. You can however kinda fake it with a text element inserted into a logo.

    1. goto Modify->New Text Element.
    2. choose a font. I used Arial in a test scenario.
    3. make 3 consecutive "underscores".
    4. choose Shadow from the left panel and turn on the Shadow button.
    5. while in the Shadow panel, adjust the Opacity way down and adjust the Shadow Opacity and Shadow Blur Radious to your liking.

    You can also do the same thing more or less with the Blur funtion by changing the text color to black and adjusting the Blur and Opacity. A third alternative would be to import an external image element into the logo you're working on.

    It's not a perfect solution and may have limited results but it will probably get you through in a pinch. :;yessir:

    Hope this helps you out.
  3. KD-did


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    The shadow is a separate element in the Cartoon, Hollywood and Leisure editions and if you puchased any one of these sets you would be able to insert it as a new image element in any template.

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