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    Hi guys

    I apologize in advance if this thread is pushing it - I am well aware of the no-business rule that most of these forums have and I do not wish to infringe upon it or your time. That said, I am going to make a jump of faith and ask you for some advice and help.

    I am the chairperson of a student organisation in South Africa. Our organization promotes Afrikaans (it's a South African language - wiki it if you don't believe me!) as a language of instruction at institutions of higher education. Afrikaans is the only non-European, non-Asiatic language capable of such higher functions. There is no such language in the Americas, Oceania or the rest of Africa. Unfortunately, Afrikaans was also the language of the Apartheid government during the 20th century and for this reason Afrikaans is being used less and less at our universities and colleges. TBAK wishes to embrace the fact that Afrikaans is an incredible national asset and we promote Afrikaans in a multilingual setting. We only recently formed and had a logo designed. I attach it here.

    I was hoping to get some feedback upon the shade of blue used, and I am open to suggestions. Also, I was hoping somebody would be able to help me to do a fade-out of the last stretch of lining at the end of the logo. The sudden stop irritates me, and I'm sure it will irritate you too. Any other adjustments that you guys think will help: please bring it on - you guys are the experts!

    If you do not like the design at all and you have other suggestions, please feel free to make them!

    If you need the larger jpeg-file, I will happily e-mail it to you!

    Thank you and all the best with that which you are doing!

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