Solution to the "No Elements showing up"

Discussion in 'The Creator V 7 Bug Reports' started by youngpup246, Sep 1, 2013.

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    I just bought Logo Creator today and installed it. I downloaded the zipped file onto my computer, left clicked into the folder, right clicked and copied it, then pasted it onto my desktop. Then I left clicked on that folder and ran the setup file in it. It successfully installed and I launched the software. It started, but there was no elements visible! I mean, the graphics. So what was the solution after about 1 hour of trying to figure this out and visiting the forums?

    1. I uninstalled the logocreator from my control panel -> softwares.
    2. I unzipped the file using 7 z unzip software utility onto my desktop. You can use winzip, etc.
    3. I launched the executable setup file and it installed. IMPORTANT: Right click on the executable setup file and "Run as Administrator!" This will install the logo creator software using admin privileges.
    4. I started the logo creator and BAM! It works! I can see all the graphics!

    Give me a feedback and let me know if this helped.

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