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Discussion in 'Raves and Rants' started by inachu, Aug 20, 2004.

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    then I do a windows update and now once I choose file new then the whole thing crashes.

    I now have windows XP Pro SP2. It still crashes.

    As for working for tech support companies in all related fields I still fail to understand why(not pointing fingers and not saying you do) many developer put their custom DLL files in the windows\system or system 32 folder.

    Why screw up an OS when you should keep your own DLL files in your own folders and not scattered all over the place.....
    I will start to investigate my problems but have not looked in detail as to time restraints.... I just hope its not a DLL thing in the wrong directory. And yes I am aware that XP does DLL resouce pooling but things can still get messed up on an XP windows OS. before it started crashing I did like the quick and easy to use interface but would have beeen even better if it was offered as a SKIN .... nice to work with but still felt a bit odd using it.
    Most people are used to a SQUARE windows box with the normal locations for exit,resize,minimise feature. I will reinstall the OS at a later date then will see what program or if windows update really was the culprit.
    I'm still surprised there arent any more logo design software out there other than a full fledged program like photoshop.... Good going guys! :banana

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