Shapes Bug and Mascots not showing - FIXED

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    Hi everybody.
    If you're having issues with the software - take a look at some of the solutions below. The two problems are mainly with Windows users.

    Shapes Bug:

    If you're on a Windows machine, you may have noticed, that while using The Logo or Business Card Creator software, that when you choose the "Shapes.db" images ... the software seems to go wonky.

    We have fixed this in the new update I'm about to release.


    I've finally found the problem and have fixed this Shapes bug issue.

    Download this new folder:

    Mac users:

    Windows Users:

    To install it, Unzip the file.
    Then, open your Documents folder and look for "Laughingbird Documents > Logo Elements"
    drag this new "Shapes" folder into the Logo Elements folder.

    Also - Delete the 'Shapes.db' file.

    Mascots2go Characters:
    Also, if you've purchased the Mascots2Go package and have installed them but they just don't show up... here's the fix:

    (this is only a Windows issue. Mac users are not having this problem)

    Go to your Documents folder on your computer. Find the "Laughingbird Software > Logo Elements" folder and open it.

    Find the "Mascots2go" folder that you've just installed.
    Inside, look for a file called "". If you see it, delete it.
    The mascots will magically appear.

    Why is this happening!?

    The issue for both the problems listed above is due to me creating everything on my Mac, and accidently leaving in a Mac-only file called "" (the ds store file tells the Mac operating system how to view the open Mac window. List view, icon view... etc).

    The ds store file doesn't mess with the Mac at all. But it drives the Windows OS crazy.

    The Shapes.db was "compacted" into a db (database) file and the ds store file was left in by accident.

    Hope this helps anybody having troubles!

    The update is almost ready.
    We're testing it and will release it around the first of November!

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