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Discussion in 'Raves and Rants' started by gzusnme, Feb 7, 2005.

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    Loving the software so far, with a few exeptions. Number one...when I go to change the color of my items, say for example the color of my shadow on an object, it will change to what I click on, but then revert back to another color when I press done! What's UP WITH THAT?!?! Help please!, no emails back from Marc when I emailed him for help. Number Two, I just purchased my second product, the mascots edition, after installing it, now I do not have access to the images in my original Corporate Edition 2 purchase, how do I get these back? Also, how do I change the mascots, I thought they were editable...can't you change the color of their clothes or anything?! Please, I need help from someone with more experience than I have. Please email me at with instructions! Thanks a BUNCH! God Bless!
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    It really is best to send a PM to laughingbird (Marc) as his mailbox fills up rapidly and things get lost to cyber space.
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    To answer your questions...

    As for the shadow problem, I am not sure what that could be. I tested it out on my end, and it works fine. Make sure your not accidentally hitting the"toggle shadow" button. The color of the shadow should be the color you selected.

    For the mascots, they are not editable in this pak. You cannot individualy change a piece of clothing. The mascots were created as one solid file (with their own colors)
    You can however, if you have the right software alter the colors yourself. But TLC does not have the function to change the color of the mascot.

    As for your Corporate Edition 2 problem, I am not sure about that. PM Marc and he will get back to you as soon as he can. It may not be within 5 min, but he will respond.

    I hope this helps and if anyone else can help...please do!

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