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Discussion in 'The Logo Creator' started by Diana, Dec 25, 2011.

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    Hello...I*am new to the forum and also new to this software.

    I decided to purchase the new Creative Pack as I work in logo deign and thought it was a gerat way to make my work much easier and faster*for me. I was*also planning on purchsing the add on packs to expand my software little by little.

    Indeed the software is amazing and has some beautiful clear detailed images and also has multiple editing options but there is one detail that I just can not understand, and that is setting the image size.

    I browsed the forum to see if I could find an answer as*to why I could not set my image size to a higher resolution then what my monitor is set to...... and to my surprise I see there is no way of dong it??

    Actually this is a very very important detail that I feel should not have been left out as most anyone who wants to create a logo wants it at a printable resolution size.

    The software*has a very very*reasonable price,*I know, and maybe*I should not expect so much but it is quite discouraging*to find out that*I can not use it for my work as that is what I mainly wanted it for.

    If there is another pack available that has the capability of creating logos at any desired size then I would love to know so I can purchase it. I seen there was a vector version but would need to know the*full features*before purchasing it.

    Like I mentioned earlier, the software editing features are great and I felt confortable with the interface as well...I just need to be able to make larger logos...

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    Diana, welcome to the forum. You can change the resolution under the EXPORT header. Size can be changed before exporting by inserting dimensions or by dragging/pushing edges under the "more" option.

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