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Discussion in 'Resource & Recommendations' started by Worlock, Nov 9, 2008.

  1. Worlock

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    Hello everyone,
    I would like to introduce you to a feature here on the forum called "Search"... I see a lot of new members on here who ask the same questions as other new members have at an earlier time. Your questions are valid when you ask them, I assure you, but you can save yourself some time by doing a search before asking to help you find the answer you seek :) By doing a search Heres how you can do that ( See Attached Picture ). Believe me , You might find an answer faster by doing that than you would waiting for someone to reply to your post :)...Theres some on here who are real good with certain programs and others who arent quite sure about them, As for me I use TLC but I have every program Laughingbird has out on the market, Im just better at Logo Creator than I am at FAC or BCC...

    If you cant find the answer your looking for then by all means please ask! but your answer may already lie in the vast number of posts on here and your time could be cut short getting your answer...Just a tip to get you your answer faster so you can enjoy using your purchase faster :)

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  2. Lats

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    Very nice recommendation Worlock, agree completely :)
  3. 3DS


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    sounds like the perfect first play in the "game plan" to me.
  4. Worlock

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    Thanks Lats and 3DS...after I posted that, I thought maybe the forum should have a "TOP 10 QUESTIONS ASKED"
    section because I see a lot of the same questions asked on here. But it would be benficial to new members to search for their answers, I think they would be surprised at the number of responses each answer has been given. :)
  5. KD-did


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    Besides searches another great source of information on using the assorted LB Software and some exciting techniques is to look at "stickies". Stickies can be found by clicking on the "header" for each of the forum areas.
  6. Wicked


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    I would agree both angles here would sure help. The problem I see is that a lot of 1st posters never research the problem. They find the proper forum area to post in (sometimes) and then get to typing without reading stickies nor knowing what stickies are. And all of this is ok because I believe it to be with users who are not familiar with forums or their functions. I can not say I would do any better if I had no knowledge of what I was doing on a forum and was limited on using the whole set up. Then you have some people who are just lazy to the fact of researching. They have a sense of ease after they have placed their questions and feel and answer is in que.

    We can only hope that they see this thread before they reach 20 post I suppose. If not then no big deal. I've always disliked the forums I've been to in the past and some hard headed person screams at me publicly telling me the answer I am looking for is on page 1003 post #207.

    A good source of information to pay attention to if any new members who are not familiar with using forums like this. Thanks Worlock.

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