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Discussion in 'Raves and Rants' started by grafXguy, Mar 7, 2005.

  1. grafXguy


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    Hi guys,
    ...having difficulty using the scaling sliding bar!
    I work on a mac (OSX)...I seem to have ALOT of
    problems using the scaling bar, TLC seems to
    freeze up when I use it, and I try to slide the bar
    and it won't move (and the little color wheel or
    beach ball) whatever you call it just spins & spins
    when I try to use the scaling slider bar!?? seems to take too many trials to get it to work,
    before it does?

    ...I've also gotten a Direct Player Error? when
    trying to save an image?..error 2147219502,
    script error continue?...and then the TLC Logo
    with the drawing board,lamp etc. "rendering"
    would'nt go away and stayed on my logo design
    and I had to start it all over??

    ...also having problems trying to select "small" text,
    it takes MANY tries before I can finally select it
    sometimes!...I looked for a zoom avail,
    am I overlooking it? more question, most of the elements seem
    to look too blurry for final output or most
    or all elements have the blur effect applied to them,
    and what's the best way to eliminate the effect? anyone else having these problems, or are they
    Mac related or version problems (using most recent ver.)
  2. KD-did


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    TLC is written on a MAC and until recently ...(just this past 2 weeks) Mac users never seem to have any issues. The lack of problems had me on the brink of going MAC....but now I see that Mac users are beginning to be plagued by the need for anti-virals and anti-spam software ...and the same software issues.....................

    The spinning beachball is from what I have understood the computers visual image for searching or thinking...I read an interesting article this weekend on Mc Afee's Virex and similar problems with PhotoShop and other applications.....
  3. denhom


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    Katie, what grafXguy is experiencing likely has nothing to do with the need for anti-virals etc. The scaling problem he and others, myself included, are experiencing is something new. It may be interesting to see which version of OS X each of these people is running, to see if there is common ground there. The problem may or may not be within TLC, but, to find out, all other variables need to be eliminated.
  4. KD-did


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    I'll be the first to admit that I know very little about MACS. ...Flotsom had some issues that showed up recently..check out Sluggish behavior on Mac

    Very large, imported images can cause very sluggish response when trying to scale .

    When speaking of problems it is always better to know the OS a chance for testing and solutions to be reached.
  5. grafXguy


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    Hi Katie, LauraB, denhom & Flatsom :banana

    ...seems to be alot of common issues here!
    I agree with denhom: o-yeah: I don't
    think it's a anti-viral issue either! (by the
    way, I'm running Mac OSXv.10.2.8, 450 G4)
    ...still reading all your posts, will pm you soon!

    ...this seems to be a Mac issue here, and maybe
    together, we can make TLC work for us. I've read
    LauraB's posts and must say I'm experencing MANY
    of the same issues Sluggish Behavior!!...VERY
    Frustrating!!...and being able to work a TLC file from
    the desktop (my preference as well).
    ...I've also read Flatsom's replies (Great insight & links)
    THANKS!! But there seems to be a Mac thing going on...
    I'm surprised TLC was created on a Mac.
    ...Like LauraB, I run other programs (illus.10 & photo.7)
    and experience very few problems with them as I do with
    TLC (v.3.6).
    ...scaling, selecting small thin text, bouncing text (small)
    selecting colors in the palette (sometimes) and getting Good,
    Clean, Crisp Images & Text in a Final Export (even after un-blurring
    every effect I can find)...thought it was me (the learning curve)
    but I'm beginning to wonder if it's more of a TLC/Mac issue?? :confused:

    ...Marc, WISH LISTS Vote : o_please "YES for VECTORS!!!!"
    and a bounding box for scaling & moving would be NICE!

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