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    Normal Joe.

    Hello All,

    My name is Rene and live in Ontario, Calif. And I work for a Distribution Center that deals with Sav-on/Albertsons and Raleys in upper Calif. I work in the inventory control department in charge of cycle counting. We count around three hundred locations every night via a RF system. I come a long way since being an order-puller.

    I have been repairing and building PC's since there were 8086 processors, before 386 processors. I remember back in the day a company that provided software with big floppies known as Parson Technology, I was a software buff.

    The funny part about all this is that I studied to be an Accountant, with no relations with the above mention. I thought life was wierd and I took the path necessary to make it. Since the internet was first available graphics were very intriguin, especially pictures. I used to handheld my scans and then stitch them together, that was a lot of work. Anyone remember PSP 2.0 on a 31/2 disk. ahh how time flies.

    Which bring me to now. I still repair PC and build them, my friend decided to give us a name XXPLORING PC'S. I love graphics but never have the time to learn that is why TLC attracts me like a magnet. I am no logo pro, but I enjoy making web graphics with it, or what I call e-bumper stickers using "oxy-morons" some are corny but hey, it a brain relaxer for me when I get home.

    On the weekend I like sight seeing or going to the local car races and take pictures with my cheap ol' FD-81 Mavica and snap away, they take floppies but it take the snap I want. One more thing is that I really enjoy wrestling the most. From the major promotions to the local promotions. Hence my nickname was a creation from a Luchador who goes by similar name :D

    Now that I bored you :attention WAKE UP!
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    Hi Ish, and welcome to the forum!

    You'll find a wealth of info and talent in here. Hints and Tips is a good place to browse through. Also be sure to check out Tutorials for a plethora of great tips and tricks by Shelly, among others.

    You have probably already checked out the Gallery, but if you haven't ... do so.

    Post back often and please don't hesitate to show us your work, and ask for help anytime. Btw, when you do ask for assistance be sure to use a :Mac user: or a :pc user: in your title (you'll find them below the message window in go advanced when posting) to help attract someone knowledgeable with your OS.

    Again, welcome and have :funfun:!

    :m love:

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