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saving models

Discussion in 'Web Graphics Creator' started by johne, Jan 15, 2007.

  1. johne


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    Is it possible to save and load models? I am making a number of 3D boxes and I may want to go back and tweak some of them. Do I have to start from scratch and import images all over again and re-orient box to previous perspective?

    There doesn't appear to be a mechanism to load previously made boxes.

    Also at the moment, when I change model (eg box to CD), WGC asks if I want to save current model. When I click Yes, the model is not saving. When I come back in next time the images loaded are from a model used sometime before.

    Any help would be appreciated.

  2. a¿ex

    a¿ex Staff Member

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    kind of.
    you can "Publish current model..."
    (From the "tools" menu at the bottom of the viewport)

    This will copy all required files into a folder you select via a standard folder selection dialog.

    In this folder there will be a folder "dswmedia" (don't rename that folder, as the rename is required to run offline in your webbrowser), if you doubleclick the the html file "tlc_3D_modul.html" in that folder it should open your browser and play back the model as you exported it. this requires a one time installation of the player engine (shockwave player), in case it is not already installed on your system.
    The adobe shockwave player is a free webplayer to playback the wgc 3-D files.
    you can publish any number of DIFFERENT models into the same folder, thus reusing all the files for playback and only have the different models and mappings in the folder "w3dMedia".
    As soon as you want to have the same model with different mappings you will need to publish them to different folders. Please beware, that if you select the same folder it will overwrite the existing settings in that folder without asking you!

    each 3-D model basically consists of 3 files and the belonging image files for the mappings in the folder "TempGraphics":

    -- a file with the extension .w3d => the 3-D data for that 3-d model
    -- a file with the same name and a .png extension => the icon you see in the menu for that 3-d model
    -- a file with the same name and a .xml extension => the information of the setup of this 3-D model in xml format. this file is where your settings are stored concerning the 3-D model. in that file you can see how the different faces of the 3-d model are named and according to that name there are image files in the folder "TempGraphics".
    for example "CDCover_front.jpg" for the "front" face of the model "CDCover.w3d"
    if there is no such file in that folder the standard mapping is used for that face => "front.jpg" without the identifier for the specific model.

    (the settings for the global environment, like for example background color and the like is stored in the xml file "environmentSettings.xml" one folder level up.)

    please make sure, that you have enough rights to write to the folders "eCover Creator/TempGraphics/" and "eCover Creator/w3Media/" inside your installation folder.
    just change the rights for "eCover Creator/" recursively down to all enclosed items.

    It may by accident happen, that the rights were not set correctly during installation. The app should not change the files in the installation folder in the first place. That was bad design on my part. I apologize. In the next version, I'll move all changed files to a folder in your home folder.

    btw. what OS are you using?

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