Running my own online business: Things I've learned in the past year...

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    Things I've learned in the past year of having my own website, selling stuff....

    It costs money to make money. My self, for example: webhosting, my own domain, having a shopping cart on the web site, my own email address tied into my website, product development (I've spent over $1,000 just on that in the past year), You want something cool looking on your website? That's usually a plugin that costs money. all the above things cost me money. You can do it all for free I suppose, for me, I chose a route which I understand, and trust.

    You want to make nice stuff to sell, or offer services, like custom made logos or business cards? The software costs money.

    You want to do 3D modelling? The software alone can cost an enormous amount sometimes.
    You want to reach a wider audience? Start off with making a facebook page about your business, it's free to do!

    Running an online business takes time to learn--- backing up your data, developing a website that is pleasant to look at, is responsive, setting it up for SEO (look it up).... learning about html5 compliance, and I think is about the most important--- giving your potential customers a reason to stay on your website. I offer help files related to the software, and general reference materials-- you wanna know where you stuff gets installed to? How about really knowing about 72DPI? What's the deal with a "Document Library"? I explain all that on my website.

    You want to be an affiliate of a software company? You better have a nice looking affiliate page- I think mine is one of the best, at least for a first attempt- if it looks horrible, or amateurish, I look at it for maybe 10 seconds at the most, then move on.

    Be prepared to provide tech support for folks who purchase from you--- that takes time. You can use a simple "contact me" form, ot you might even want to consider using a "help desk" app--- at Laughingbird Software we use "zendesk"-- most help desk type programs have free trials-- but once you decide on something, it typically will cost money. If you are not an expert at what you sell, you are setting yourself up for failure.

    For now, I'm quite happy to "break even" each month, anything else about that break even point goes right back into product development.

    Something to really look forward to: making your first sale to someone who isn't a family member!

    Most importantly: you will fail, you will make mistakes, you will screw things up: learn from them, fix it, and drive on...
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    AMEN! Preach my friend! Couldnt have said it better myself!

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