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Discussion in 'The Logo Creator' started by GermanLogo, Jun 12, 2013.

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    I had worked for a very long Time with the Version 4 of the Logo Creator. Yesterday i bought the Version 6 + the People Pack Addon.
    The "new" Version Looks very well and modern. The Functions of V6 are minimal different to V4.(Functions that iam needed) But i have found some Points, why i so disappointed to the Version 6:

    - Why is a new Logo in the Programm scaled to 80%? In this option i can not resize the Logo Editor Window with my Mouse. I have first go to the Options-Menu to Scale it to 100%. Then i can resize the Logo-Window with the Mouse.

    - The Shapes and Graphics to use in your own Logo is simply awesome. But when i Resize a Shape or a Grafic Object to a really small size - it looks it misses the Antialiasing in the Logo. The Logo looks not so good. The export Logo has corners and Edges. The Logos of the v4 was ever perfekt.

    - The Next think is the Saving Function: I had spend a lot of Time to create a Logo. I save it. Later i want to open the Logo to Continue the editing, and than... All what i see is the Textlines and the Background Colors. All Shapes and grafic Objects are failed to load. All the Time that i speed was all for nothing.

    - Why save the Logo Creator not my selected options?
    Ever when i start the Programm the Layout Grid is on. I love to make my logos without it. So i have ever and ever go to the Options-Menu to set it off. A small point, but thats really annoying.

    It gives 2 or 3 more thinks to comment, but the imported points i write down.

    All in One the Logo Creator is the Number One in this kind of Software and i have really respect for the hard Work for such a extensive Software.

    Sorry for my bad englisch, iam from Germany. :)

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