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Discussion in 'Raves and Rants' started by RegalBeagle, Mar 3, 2004.

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    Well, I see now that people in this forum are obviously taking my criticisms as anything other than constructive - as unfounded as that may be. Some people just don't realize when they need help and then take it personally when it is offered. It's also become obvious we're not going to get anywhere here in our debates either.

    So, I'll take my leave with one final thought (why do I feel like Jerry Springer?):

    TLC serves a purpose for a particular market - the business owner who cannot afford to pay for a custom-designed identity or someone who needs a quick logo for personal use. I will never and have never argued that.

    Having noted that, I feel the need to, again, warn those who see TLC as a tool to help them break into the design industry. It's a bad idea for many reasons that I've already gone over in other threads. You will run into far more technical issues than you bargained for and run the risk of being sued by the client for numerous reasons (see previous threads). I'm not saying this to hinder your career choice (competition only makes us better) and I'm definately not here (as someone mentioned) to market myself. Because, frankly, I do not have the time to work with clients who are only willing to pay $100 for a logo.

    That said, Good luck.
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    Good - Bye


    You dont have to leave.

    I understand what you were saying, but why do you have to belittle people or products in the process?

    Creative criticism has it's place, but not where folks are trying to learn and having fun, especially unwarented criticism. :NoNo:

    I have to agree that you did come across a little offencive toward our product. It has flaws and limitations as does every product in the world.

    If a corperate customer ask's for a proffessional logo for their company website, thats what they get. If they want one to print... that should be stated by the customer prior to any contract signing for "anyone" they hire.

    Most folks here purchased the program for personal use and/or for "webpage logo's". Ya want a webpage logo...ya get a webpage logo.

    Look, nobody here that I know of goes around "bashing" different products in other forums. I just think that you attacking our product was not called for. That is why folks got defencive. I mean, if someone was offencively bashing something "you" liked... would'nt you get deffencive?

    It's like you came into our home and started destroying it. People are bound to get upset.

    As for the so-called debates, Take them to a political forum! We dont debate, we help each other.

    Nobody wants your help thrown on them. If someone wants your help... I am sure they would ask for it.

    Not to offend you, but it was kind of cowardly for you to make these statements by starting a new thread and not where the "debate" was and ripping on everyone in our forum with your snide and downgrading remarks about you "not having time for someone who could only afford $100 on a logo". :fuming:

    For that remark... Go choke on your welth buddy, time is short.

    Just my opinion. :whistler:

    Sorry LB

    Have a nice day,
    : O-Yeah:

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