real courious about something.

Discussion in 'Raves and Rants' started by Worlock, Oct 21, 2008.

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    I've seen this more than once as a matter of fact numerous times, But today I decided to find out, I tried this being logged off and I couldnt see anything because it wanted me to log in...So how do they see it or Do They ? Can they read our blogs without being logged in? And Ive seen things like " Looking at who posted" and "Reading Profile" and its always MSNBOT SPIDER

    Ok I did a specific search "Worlocks Blog" in Google and it did show up but I was listed as a guest and not as a Spider :)...Guess thats good huh? But they would have to do a search just for me to get that..Hmmmmm, U think its the FBI, CIA,KGB??? I wonder :)
    I aint Skeer'd

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    nothing to worry about your just getting a visit from the spiders, this helps in getting you on the browser page ranking.there are other ones like yahoo slurp,and of course the google bots

    i hope this calms your nerves a bit lol
  3. Worlock

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    HA ! I aint worried none...I was just courious is all...Oh No Slurps Spiders and Bots! Oh MY! we aint in Kansas anymore Toto...:lol:
  4. Worlock

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    Wow...they really like looking at my blog...Its the Slurpy Spider this time....Wonder how them Slurpy's taste ? Wonder if they come in Pina Colada ?
    Yesterday it was a Bot, Today its a spider, Running to walmart and getting me a BIG Can of Bug KILLER ! :)

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