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    i wanted to say that i cannot live without my Laughingbird software Web Graphics Creator I created a calendar and the spinning ebook cover maker is awesome my website would not be the same were it not for this fantastic software i recommend it to all my students ... (online classroom) Again THANKS SO MUCH you make my web-design so easy and rewarding I use web graphics creator every single day, and the price WOW! I though maybe someone had made a mistake. This program lets you create banners,headers,spinning ebooks, cd covers, and so much more! and most in less than 5 minutes, Ijust cant put it down .. you can even take pictures you have import them into laughingbird and and customize it to suit you, i teach my online classroom to do all that is possible with this awesome software...Thank you from the bottom of my heart. Angell Lynn
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    Re: help wanted

    angelllynn, how very creative of you to create a calendar using WGC. Have you thought of using the new Showcase Creator to make a multi month or year long calendar for your site?

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