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Quick (important) Question...

Discussion in 'The eCover Creator' started by dimeco, Aug 3, 2005.

  1. dimeco


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    I've got the logo creator, and was considering the new ecover creator.

    Got a question (or two) to make my "final" decision or whether I should just stick with the logo creator:

    1) Can you resize the images once you've created them like you can in TLC? There was no info on the site about that...

    2) Do you HAVE to have another program (fireworks etc) in order to create the flash style graphics? Or does it create it by itself?

    This may not be part of the product but a question for the product 'gurus' LOL - :attention

    3) Does the "animated" graphics HAVE to be in a swf format, or can they be exported to an animated GIF?

    I have this "thing" about forcing activeX controls on a website... I "don't do" it (for security reasons), so I want to make sure I have an alternate option.

    Please reply ASAP? Got my credit card ready.... :getting n

  2. MasterDesign


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    Honestly, altough it's still a little buggy, if you have any use at all for the type of e-covers this software produces....get it!
    Marc sylvester (aka laughingbird) and his team are constantly working on optimizing the the program so i'm sure al bugs will be fixed, the first update has come out a week ago!. As for your questions;
    1. yes you can and you can save them as transparent .png, import in tlc or ecc and work with 'm some more. (suggested by Laughingbird on this forum)
    2. The ecc comes with templates, like in tlc these templates can be changed. The ecc has a built in cover (sides like; front back side etc) creator very simular to tlc (it lets you use all elements from tlc!) so you can produce your own (flash) style graphics from within tcc no direct need for additional software.
    3. the export of the animation is limited to .swf (for now!) but.. creating the images to produce a .gif is easy, you can save a serie of screenshots where you change the position of the cover in each images, take these over to your favourite .gif programe and make your own. But i guess you don't realy need ecc for this. There's also software "outthere" that will convert swf to gif (try google flash2gif).

    Conclusion: think you can use e-covers? get the E-Cover Creator. trying to get the same results with different software is possible but not nearly as easy, quick, cheap, fun and creative!!

    Sorry for the lengthy reply but i'm sure Marc's shop is still open.
  3. Borpean

    Borpean Staff Member

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    MD said it all and is accurate.

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