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Discussion in 'Marketing Tips' started by ebizwildfire, Aug 3, 2008.

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    Hi Folks,

    I'm an ecstatic new customer :image20:who has been reviewing banner and ecover software for some time, in search of THE best on the market. I think I have arrived!!!:newbie:

    I need to read all the "rules" in the terms of service doc but here's my question.

    Are we permitted to create logos, biz cards, banners, etc. to be able to sell to our clients to help them grow their biz?

    They are going to LOVE these creations, just wanted to confirm we can do this.:image16-1:

    Also - I read in several places that there are gallery images and templates that we can access with our purchase? I've not found them yet.

    I have the Logos, Web Template and Ad Creator.

    Who needs sleep -:image10: this is going to be SO much fun!!!!:image07:!
    Over to you,
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    Simple answer to most of that... YES.. Just ensure that if you use any custom elements outside of the softwares offered elements that you have the permission to use them in that manner. As well I think a "terms of service" policy is nice to have stating that you retain the rights to reuse graphical elements provided to the customers however without duplicating any one customers design.

    The templats are built into the software. You will recieve them with your purchase..
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