Purchased product but NO SOFTWARE TO D/L?????????

Discussion in 'The Logo Creator' started by bigkahuna, Jan 13, 2012.

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    Purchased your software over 3 hours ago. *Have yet to receive anything. *My bank account shows the money removed, and paypal has confirmed that laughingbird LLC has*received*the funds. *Why is there nowhere to d/l the product? *Where is my confirmation? where is my product? *No customer should ever have to HUNT down the product they just purchased. *I've*spent 2 hours now trying to get in contact with anyone at LB LLC. *There are no phone numbers. *I'm*not going to wait 3 months for a product like*I've*read on these*forums. I can receive an email from the laughingbird forums within 1 minute, but i cant get my product?*I will write the BBB and write a complaint to PAYPAL within the few days if I don't get my product, this is*ridiculous. *
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    Hi there BK.
    Really sorry to hear of your frustration. I've just sent you an eMail.

    Check your Spam or bulk mail box. The letter with the download link may be there.
    This should all be automatic. -- Let me know some way to look up your account, an eMail address you used or the order number from PayPal if you have it.

    I'll get this taken care of!
    Hang in there.


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