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Discussion in 'Wish list for future releases' started by 1bad55, Aug 21, 2008.

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    I searched High and Low for a section in the forum to post requests for software enhancements and since I did not find one I am starting a new thread.

    There is no better way to improve a product then to listen to what the users are asking for and here you can post your requests for software enhancements.

    Mods may want to sticky this thread. :image28:

    P.S. Remember just because you request it doesn't necessarily mean it will be added but at least it will be seen by the right people.
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    Flipbook Software Requests

    OK, I will start by requesting some additional functions in the Flipbook portion of the program.

    The only reason I purchased this software was to use the Flipbook functions and it does a good job but somewhat limited for what I am trying to do which is display on my website very old catalogs from the 1800's and early 1900's.

    The only problem I have right now with the flipbook is the size of some of these catalogs. Trying to find information in a book that is 400 pages is very time consuming as you have to go through every page.

    I would like to request the addition of a toolbar to be displayed underneath the flipbook that will allow additional search functions within the flipbook.

    First off when creating the flipbook it would be nice to have a toggle to be able to turn on or off the toolbar and then additional toggles as to what you want on the toolbar. That way if you do not want one you can just leave it off or you can select which functions you want on the toolbar.

    Second It would be awesome to be able to create a "Chapter List" so the user can jump through the flipbook quickly without have to turn every page. This chapter list would be linked to different pages within the book to easily jump from one section to another.

    You would need to be a button on the toolbar for a chapter list if a chapterlist is created that way you could jump to that list from any page.

    Also on the toolbar should be arrows to flip the pages and also a place to search for a page number. A place that you key in a page number and it jumps directly to that page.

    There should also be a toogle for the viewer to be able to turn on and off the page turning sound. This is pretty annoying when you are flipping through a 400 page catalog.

    Some other ideas to be toggled on and off:

    magnifier function to be able to increase the image size
    printing function
    Capability to import a PDF file would be nice

    Well if those functions were added it would really make the flipbook program one of the strongest on the market.

    I am putting the spell on you to add these functions! :image11-1: Just Kidding :image01:

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