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Discussion in 'The Flash Ad Creator' started by john1tnt, Sep 20, 2007.

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    hi first i bought 1x could not get it to work with my web program..

    then i bought x2 upgrade and that would not work with webstudio so i contacted you and you could not help me ..

    now i see another upgrade to 2.5 witch you want me to buyagain will this work with web studio or do i wast more of my money i would like to use the program i have paid for i like what it can do im afraid to spend any more money so will 2.5 work with web studio.

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  3. Randy...

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    FAC 2.5 will create a single swf file that you can upload to your website using Webstudio.

    For details on how to do this with your website creation tool, you should be looking for the support for Webstudio.

    I'm not familiar with Webstudio, but I did a simple google for inserting a swf file in Webstudio and came across this link. Hope it helps.

    FAC is a tool to create a swf file....I've said it many times, when asking whether it will work with a particuliar website creation program, you need to find out if your website creation tool will insert swf files.

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